Pepper is a laid back, intelligent, Parti Yorkie. Even though she enjoys kicking back, in her spare time she grabs all that life has to offer “by the horns!” Nothing gets her going like chasing locusts, digging holes, and bath time!



Lola is a big dog trapped in a little dogs body! She’s energetic, and full of personality. She’s in charge, and all of the Yorkies know it. She brings to life the phrase, “whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.”



Bella is the youngest and most affectionate of all the Yorkies. She’s always ready to snuggle, but divert her attention and she’s a big ball of energy, ready to play!



Ace is the newest addition to the family. At 4 months old, he’s already living up to his name! Ace is bound to lead the pack and win every hand.

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